Bradley BBQ Smokers


Looking to cook up a storm for your party guests Texan Style? If big and bold flavours are what you desire, you can’t go wrong with hiring a Bradley BBQ smoker for your event.

Go large with a Texan-style BBQ feast and serve up a banquet to remember – with a Bradley BBQ smoker, you can recreate the distinct and mouth-watering flavours of the Lone Star State here in the UK.

Why hire a Bradley Smoker BBQ?

Smoking is a type of barbecuing that slow-cooks BBQ food using a low heat created by smouldering wood smoke.

This lo-‘n’-slo cooking method, alongside the natural flavours of the wood, infuses meats with a signature BBQ flavour that’s well worth the smoking time. This unique cooking style also enhances the texture and feel of your food, making your food offerings irresistibly succulent and juicy.

The difference and why this is unique, the BBQ Smoke Biscuits are only allowed to smoke – not burn. The smoker automatically smokes for the exact right amount of time for each briquet and then extinguishes it, so that you only get the full smoked flavour & zero burnt flavour.

What foods can I serve using a Bradley BBQ smoker?

From luscious smoked whole chickens to tender pulled pork, you can treat your guests to a delightful meat feast that’s fit for a king.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend cooking up a luscious smoked beef brisket coated in flavoursome salt and pepper rub – one of Texas’s signature BBQ dishes. You could also give your attendees a meal to remember with delightful fall-off-the-bone pork ribs marinated in sticky BBQ sauce. Complete each with a corn on the cob or jacket potato side for the full American feel.

For vegan or vegetarian partygoers, treat them to creative smoked Aubergine or potato dishes, or try pastries with a smoky asparagus quiche.

However, if you’d rather stick with conventional foods such as pizzas and lasagnas, your Bradley BBQ smoker can be used as a functional oven instead.

Interested in hiring a Bradley BBQ smoker for your event? If so, feel free to get in touch today by calling our team on 0115 849 5686 and we’ll be in touch to organise your delivery as soon as we can.

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