Hog Roast Hire

At Garden Party Hire, we’re proud to supply customers with state-of-the-art rotisserie machines that are bound to be the centrepiece of any party.

We also offer rotisserie baskets in place of the spit, so that you’re able to roast a variety of meat & veg to offer your guests.

Fancy roast Turkey, stuffing & cranberry sauce – perfect food for Christmas Parties!

Make your event truly special with a hog roast hire

From weddings and birthday gatherings to Christmas parties and celebrations, our hog roasts offer a unique eating experience that’s utterly unmatched.

Our hog roast machine slowly cooks a whole hog until the meat is succulent and juicy, guaranteed to delight your guests. As the meat slow roasts rotisserie-style on the spit it becomes flavoursome and delicious – your guests will be greeted by an enticing smell, building the anticipation until it’s ready to be enjoyed.

This full-sensory food experience is unrivalled and will have your guests talking about your event for many years to come.

Hog Roast Hire

Hog roast machine hire for weddings

Your wedding is a remarkable and treasured occasion, so your catering should reflect how special it is. Unlike oven or pan-cooked foods featured in everyday life, a hog roast offers something new and distinctive.

Our hog roasts are incredibly versatile, ideal for all weddings whether you’re tying the knot in a rustic woodland setting or manor house gardens.

Roast Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken or Turkey, complete with roast or jacket potatoes, can all easily be cooked in our machines.

Plus, with one hog feeding up to 200 people, you can rest easy knowing you have enough food to feed your entire party.

Hog Roast Hire With Garden Party Hire

We’re hog roast caterers too!

Do you need trained caterers to tend to your event food offering? If so, at Garden Party Hire, we provide a reliable and creative catering service that you can trust.

Our experienced head chefs will create a bespoke roast menu to suit your budget and desires. Choose from our many speciality accompaniments, including apple slaw, sage and onion stuffing, and potato salad – favourites that have been incredibly popular amongst our past clients.

We’ll also consider your event when setting up your menu – from corporate diners to christenings, our edible arrangements will be tailored to suit your guest audience. This includes serving fresh from the hog or carving for service in roll top chafing dishes for your guests to help themselves from.

At events with children, we can even incorporate additional simpler foods we know younger ones are bound to enjoy – so everyone can eat together without worry.  

What do our hog roast machine packages include?

We provide two hog roast machine packages for you to choose from – a hog roast machine-only hire or a machine hire with a hog included.

The machine-alone option is our most affordable, however, you’ll need to source your meat. For a little more, you receive the machinery and hog in one, saving you the hassle of purchasing meat separately.

Can other foods be cooked on the spit?

It’s not just hogs that can be roasted in the machine – large fish, turkey, and chicken can be cooked too.

Additionally, side plates such as jacket potatoes and whole corn on the cob can roast alongside your meat!

Get in touch with our team

Are you planning a special event with a scrumptious hog roast to feed your guests?

Maybe you’d like to hear more about our bespoke catering solutions. If so, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0115 849 5686, or email us at and we’ll be in touch.

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