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Light up the night: The ultimate guide to food and catering equipment for your bonfire event

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With the 5th of November fast approaching, you’ve most likely got your rockets, Catherine wheels and sparklers ordered for your party. But, no bonfire event is complete without a selection of delightful food for guests to indulge in before the display – as host, it’s your job to supply it, ensuring you cater to all. So, what kind of menu could you serve up this November?

Our experts explore the catering options and equipment available this bonfire night!


Inflame your guest’s tastebuds with BBQ food

BBQs & Jacket Potatoes are a highly popular option for bonfire events thanks to their versatility and easy-eating foods. With a BBQ, you can cook a range of familiar chargrilled favourites, such as burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken breasts and kebabs, plus much more.

What’s more, BBQ-style eating usually doesn’t require cutlery and is eaten using our hands – offering a more unique and fun eating experience! Guests can stand and eat whilst watching the fireworks or chatting with friends, which eliminates the need for dining furniture.

This creates more space for people to stand and reduces the number of hazards surrounding the bonfire, meaning ease of exit in the event of an emergency.


Types of BBQs for hire

Hiring a BBQ is easy, however, deciding which one is best for your event is trickier – hopefully the following makes this decision a little less complicated.

Gas BBQs

This type of BBQ is excellent due to its practicality and ease of set-up. Its benefits include:

  • The high-pressure burner is unaffected by wind, which can be expected during early November
  • It’s much easier to light than other BBQs
  • Optimal cooking heat is achieved within five minutes, which enables you to start cooking quickly

However, whilst gas BBQ food tastes great, some argue it doesn’t quite rival its coal counterpart’s charred finish.

Charcoal BBQs

The traditional charcoal BBQ is a classic choice, but what are its advantages?

  • Incredible smokey flavours
  • A more exciting cooking experience, beginning with starting the charcoal fire
  • Usually cheaper to hire

Whilst this BBQ offers many benefits, it’s more likely to succumb to the elements and be extinguished by winds, which could hinder your catering for the night.


Impress with a hog roast feast instead

You could hire a hog roast and serve the most bespoke slow-roasted plates at your bonfire party.

Hog roast rotisserie machines gently roast an entire hog, ensuring the meat is tender and dripping with succulent juices, promising to enchant your guests. As the meat gradually revolves on the spit, it undergoes a rotisserie-style transformation, becoming increasingly flavourful and mouthwatering.

Pair the tender meat with delightful accompaniments such as traditional brioche buns, apple slaw, and sage and onion stuffing for a rustic autumnal buffet your guests won’t forget.

It’s not just meats that can be cooked. Thanks to handy rotisserie baskets, you can serve a variety of tasty veg such as corn on the cob and jacket potatoes, perfect for those on a non-meat diet.


Turn the heat down with a frozen cocktail machine

Add a little flare to your party with colourful frozen cocktails – only for the adults of course! Cocktails always go down a treat thanks to their fruity flavours which most enjoy.

However, with a frozen cocktail machine, there’s an added sense of fun, and drinks can be prepped in batches rather than individually. Depending on how you wish to operate, guests can either help themselves or you can man the machine, serving the refreshing delights to your friends and family.


Push the boat out with a candyfloss machine

A candyfloss machine is a fantastic novelty addition to your bonfire night festivities, perfect for young ones and fun-loving adults alike.

Fluffy, colourful, and super sweet, serve up the tastiest candyfloss for your guests to enjoy as they gaze upon the fireworks display.


Are you looking for an events team to help with your party?

If you’d rather leave the event set up and catering to professionals, we can supply your event with a suitably qualified & experienced events team to help you throw a memorable bonfire evening. Our staff know how to BBQ the most delicious foods and will cater to your needs and wants as much as possible.

We can also offer essential equipment for hire such as patio heaters to keep guests’ toasty and outdoor seating for attendees who may be less able to stand for periods of time.

To get in touch, call our friendly team on 0115 849 5686, and they’ll be thrilled to help you with your enquiry.

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