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How to throw an unforgettable Halloween party

Furniture Hire for Halloween Parties

If you’re watching the nights draw in and the fresh crisp air has awakened an urge to throw a Halloween party, it’s time to get planning now.

So, with the spooky season well and truly upon us, what does it take to organise a haunting event, and how should you go about doing so?

Within this blog, our experienced event planners have outlined a simple step-by-step guide to hosting a memorable Halloween party for the ages.


Seven steps to hosting the ultimate Halloween event

Eager to know the blueprint behind throwing a spooky Halloween party brimming with treats and no tricks?

If so, keep reading to find out how!


Party equipment hire

1. Select a scare-tastic venue

First and foremost, consider where you wish to host your event and whether it can accommodate the number of guests you can expect to attend.

A popular idea is to hire a marquee . Marquees range in size, meaning you don’t need to worry about numbers, plus, there’s plenty of space for guests to wander around, mingle and dance. Marquees also mean you can set everything up in your garden depending on size, or at a larger private venue if you prefer.

This will mean you can rest at ease knowing no food or drink will damage your furniture or stain your carpets.


2. Set a haunting Halloween party theme

Next, it’s time to set a theme for the party. You’ve most likely already done this or have an idea of how you want your party to look and costume themes.

You could opt for an eerie masquerade ball if you’d prefer things a little more formal – this is also fantastic for all invitees, as simple eye masks are incredibly affordable, yet those who prefer to push the boat out with their costumes can.

Day of the Dead or horror movies are more examples of specific themes which give partygoers more of a direction.

Or keep things a little more generic as a simple Halloween costume party – guests can dress in any Halloween costume they like, and children can get more involved in this theme if it’s a family event.

3. Write up your ghost list, sorry, guest list!

Now you’ve settled on a venue and theme, it’s time to send out invites and give your friends and family plenty of time to save the date. You’ll also gain an estimate of how many people you’ll need to cater for.

You can do this via email, WhatsApp or even the old-fashioned way, using paper invites. Be sure to include dates, times, the theme, and a prompt to RSVP as soon as possible.


4. Give your venue a make-under

Set the scene with a venue that screams spooky and scary and transform your venue into a haunted haven with plenty of decorations, props, and table coverings.

Keeping in line with your theme, you can find Halloween decorations in retail shops, online or you could even have a go at making some yourself – even if this means simply carving a few pumpkins.

You could hang spider webs from the ceiling, set up freaky skeleton cut-outs or have a witch’s cauldron to serve complimentary punch from.

Incorporate low level haunting smoke machines to give that dry ice effect together with UV glow in the dark lighting – add UV make-up for the added extra standout effect.

The choices are endless – so let your creativity run free and let loose with the wackiest props you can find.


5. Organise seating for your ghoulish guests

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to consider seating for your guests, especially if you’re offering food! Using the RSVPs you’ve received from invites, you can now look to hire tables and chairs for your attendees and buffet.

Make sure there’s enough seating for all your attendees – don’t forget, most will welcome a rest from boogying all night long too!


6. Think about catering

No party is complete without food and drink, so be sure to arrange enough food and catering equipment. In fact, why not hire a caterer in order to provide a well-rounded mix of food. Don’t forget about speciality diets – ensure there are snacks for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets.

This is where a caterer is an excellent option, as an experienced head chef with years of experience knows how to please all tastes and requirements and deliver a terrifying but tasty array of food to delight your guests.

Halloween Catering


7. Inflame the spooky spirit with unforgettable entertainment

You’ve nearly completed the ultimate Halloween party set-up – finally, organise some entertainment to keep guests entertained and in the party mood.

If there’ll be young ones at your event, hiring a children’s entertainer could be an excellent way to keep them amused and having fun.

For adults, a DJ who knows how to switch it up between spooky hit songs and more mainstream music will be more than enough.



Hire an events team to make your party even more spectacular

If you’re really eager to throw the Halloween party of a lifetime but have little free time, you can hire an events team to assist you. These professionals will handle everything from marquee set up to organising catering, taking into consideration your wants and desires.

So, after you’ve provided some information regarding guest numbers and location, you can simply sit back and enjoy the party with your guests!

At Garden Party Hire, we have 20 years of experience in the industry – so, if you’re interested in finding out more about marquee hire, catering services, or furnishings for hire, why not contact our team today on 01158 495 686 for tailored advice on creating the event you imagine.

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