6ft Wooden Trestle Table


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Host memorable gatherings and dining experiences with our 6ft Wooden Trestle Table, the perfect centrepiece for your event.

This versatile table seamlessly blends functionality and style, providing a spacious and inviting surface for serving food and beverages to your guests.

The 6ft length and ample width of the table top accommodate a wide array of food and drink presentations.

Crafted from high-quality wood, the table offers exceptional stability and support, ensuring that your serving platter remains steady and secure.

The table’s height makes it effortless for guests to reach and enjoy their food and drinks, promoting a relaxed and comfortable dining experience.

The table is the perfect size for seating 6-8 guests, making it ideal for everything from small gatherings to large parties.

Hire as many 6ft wooden trestle tables as you need for your event.

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