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Step into the world of the Z30 Bubble Machine – A Bubbling Wonder

Dive into a world of bubbles with our Z30 Bubble Machine for hire, featuring an inclusive bubble fluid supply. This impressive triple-wheel design produces thousands of bubbles per minute, crafting an enchanting atmosphere for your event.

The Z30’s unique design prevents dripping, directing unused bubble fluid back into the tank to reduce mess and waste. Its easily accessible fluid tank ensures quick and hassle-free refills, keeping the fun going.

The Z30 includes a remote control with timer function, giving you control over your bubble display.

From kids’ parties to weddings and special events, the Z30 Bubble Machine brings a touch of magic, making your occasions unforgettable for everyone.

Seize our incredible offer and enjoy a massive 70% discount for every additional day’s hire.

  • Weight:8.5Kg
  • Size: L370 x W280 x H200mm
  • Power input: 240VAC 50Hz
  • Max Power consumption: 40W
  • Fuse: Fast blow 1A M205
  • Tank Capacity: 3L
  • Fluid Consumption: 1.2L/hr

Z30 Bubble Machine

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