Catermax 25


Meet the Catermax 25 – Your Answer to Food Quality Preservation.

The Catermax 25 upholds food quality by employing a state-of-the-art seal that consistently safeguards temperature, eliminating the potential for gasket wear and bacterial growth.

Trust the Catermax 25 to keep your food fresh, delicious, and safe. Its advanced sealing technology maintains the ideal temperature, providing confidence in food storage and presentation. This unique design helps trap heat effectively slowing down the rate of temperature loss.

Say farewell to worries about temperature variations and bacterial risks, and welcome the Catermax 25 for dependable food quality.

Hire the exact number of you need, providing enough for your event without wasteful extras. Seize our incredible offer and enjoy a massive 70% discount for every additional day’s hire.

  • Capacity 22Ltr
  • Dimensions: WxDxH: 749x483x270mm
  • Accepts: 1 GN 1/1 pan or 2 GN 1/2 pans or 3 GN 1/3 pans
  • A minimum total purchase amount of £50.00 is required to checkout.
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