Hog Roast Machine, Rotisserie & Hog

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Discover the ultimate hog roast experience with our state-of-the-art hog roast machine for hire, complete with a premium rotisserie system and the finest quality hog provided.

Our specialised hog roast machine elevates your event to a new level, ensuring perfectly cooked, succulent hog roast every time. The rotisserie system ensures a mouth-watering, crispy skin that your guests will love. We source only the highest quality hogs to guarantee a delicious and memorable culinary experience.

For pricing and an unforgettable hog roast experience, contact us for a personalised quote.

Your journey to a hog roast adventure begins here.

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  • Internal Oven dimensions: – 13640mm x 602mm x 626mm (LxWxH) – with the oven lid closed
  • External Oven dimensions: – 2140mm x 680mm x 1130mm (LxWxH) – designed to go through narrow doorways
  • Motor: – 1 rpm / 240volts / 40watt. It is possible to run the motor from a battery using an inverter
  • Heat Input: – 13.5kW (964g/h) when both burners are used on full power
  • Weight of oven: – including spit – 102kg
  • Maximum weight of meat: – 80kilos, maximum dimensions of meat joints 1300mm x 580mm x 580mm (LxWxH)

Hog Roast Machine Instructions 2022

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