Hog Roast Machine


Experience the ultimate in hog roasting versatility with our innovative hog roast machine featuring a four-tray system.

Simultaneously roast a succulent pig on the spit while utilising the four trays to prepare additional meats, stuffing, or vegetables. Whether you’re cooking meats or warming up your side dishes, our hog roast machine ensures you have ample capacity to satisfy a crowd.

Once your hog roast is perfectly cooked, transfer it from the spit to the carving arms positioned above the trays. This unique four-way carving system provides convenient access to both the meat and the dishes prepared in the trays.

Even when not roasting a full pig, our hog roast machine retains its exceptional functionality. Arrange two rows of trays within the machine and utilise it as oven to roast a variety of meat joints, large fish, turkey, or even lasagne and pies.

Start roasting right away with the free 19kg gas cylinder included.

  • Internal Oven dimensions: – 13640mm x 602mm x 626mm (LxWxH) – with the oven lid closed
  • External Oven dimensions: – 2140mm x 680mm x 1130mm (LxWxH) – designed to go through narrow doorways
  • Motor: – 1 rpm / 240volts / 40watt. It is possible to run the motor from a battery using an inverter
  • Heat Input: – 13.5kW (964g/h) when both burners are used on full power
  • Weight of oven: – including spit – 102kg
  • Maximum weight of meat: – 80kilos, maximum dimensions of meat joints 1300mm x 580mm x 580mm (LxWxH)

Hog Roast Machine Instructions 2022

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