Hot Cupboard Twin Pass Through


Ensure your culinary creations remain at the perfect serving temperature with our exceptional Hot Cupboard Twin Pass Through.

The double-skinned construction effectively traps heat within the cupboard, preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring that your dishes remain at the ideal serving temperature for extended periods.

Maintaining impeccable hygiene is a breeze with our Hot Cupboard Twin Pass Through’s removable sliding doors. With detachable doors, cleaning becomes a breeze, keeping the cupboard impeccably clean and maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

The Hot Cupboard Twin Pass Through’s perforated shelves promote consistent air circulation, ensuring even heating and preventing hot or cold patches.

Equipped with a precise thermostatic control system, our cupboard allows you to maintain the desired temperature with ease. Set the thermostat to your preferred temperature, and the cupboard will automatically adjust the heat to keep your dishes warm.

Our Hot Cupboard Twin Pass Through features four strong castors, two of which are lockable for added stability. These sturdy castors make it easy to manoeuvre around your kitchen or catering setup, ensuring convenient placement and effortless mobility.

  • Ext Dimensions: W1200 x D650 x H900mm.
  • Int Dimensions: W1100 x D530 x H530mm.
  • Plate Capacity: 360 plates, 70 covers
  • Weight: 91kg
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