Kam XY Laser Show (4 lasers)


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Transform your event into mesmerising spectacles with the Kam XY Laser Show, a compact yet powerful laser system.

Featuring auto mode, 32 built-in patterns, sound-to-light functionality, and variable mic sensitivity, this versatile laser show is perfect for creating unforgettable experiences that will leave your guests in awe.


  • Enjoy hassle-free operation with auto mode or select from 32 built-in patterns to create dynamic and captivating laser shows that will elevate the ambiance of any event. 
  • Let the music control the show with the Kam XY Laser Show’s sound-to-light functionality. 
  • The built-in microphone captures the rhythm of the music and translates it into mesmerising laser effects, perfectly synchronised with the beat. 
  • Adjust the mic sensitivity to match the volume of your music, ensuring that the laser effects respond seamlessly to the audio without overpowering it.
  • Easily coordinate multiple laser shows with master/slave mode, ensuring that all units operate in perfect harmony.
  • Maintain optimal performance and prevent overheating with the fan-cooling system, safeguarding the integrity of your laser show and ensuring that it delivers stunning visuals throughout the event.
  • Fuse rating: 20mm, 1A slow blow
  • Rated voltage: AC100V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 12w
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 180 x 80 x 195mm
  • Weight: 2Kg
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