Single Hob & Canister


Experience convenience with our single-ring cooker for hire, featuring automatic Piezo flame ignition which eliminates the need for matches and makes cooking hassle-free.

Safety is our priority: Our gas cartridge safety alignment mechanism ensures that you never have to worry about misalignment. The two-stage engage system safeguards the gas supply and disconnects the resealable cartridge, providing a layer of protection for your peace of mind.

Our Single Hob & Canister ensures a safe and efficient cooking experience, letting you fully enjoy your outdoor events.

Seize our incredible offer and enjoy a massive 70% discount for every additional day’s hire.

  • Use with a Butane push in A4 gas cartridge.
  • This stove is suitable for use with pots and pan with a diameter between 8 cm – 20 cm.
  • A minimum total purchase amount of £50.00 is required to checkout.
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