SS Space Heater 12.5/31.3kw (inc free gas)


Combat the chill and embrace unwavering warmth with our SS Space Heater 12.5/31.3kw, a powerful and versatile heating solution designed to provide ample warmth for any space.

This heater delivers a variable output ranging from 12.5kW to 31.3kW, ensuring you can tailor the heat level to your specific needs and preferences.

Exceptional Performance and Safety:

  • Experience unwavering warmth and comfort with this high-performance space heater, capable of heating even the largest spaces with ease.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of dual voltage power input, allowing you to connect the heater to 110V or 230V power sources.
  • Experience warmth throughout your event with our exceptional space heater, effectively eliminating chilly corners and creating a haven of comfort.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our space heater’s advanced safety measures, featuring an automatic fuel safety cut-out that safeguards against overheating, flame or power failure.
  • Enjoy a complete set-up with the included regulator, heavy-duty gas hose and free 13kg gas cylinder.

Our team will handle the entire process, from setting up to taking it down after your event as well as providing instructions and a demonstration on how to safely and effectively operate the SS Space Heater.

Dual voltage 110/230v

Dimensions (LWH) 550x270x320mm

Space Heater Instructions 2022

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