Twin Cast Iron Boiling Ring


Master outdoor cooking with the versatile Twin Cast Iron Boiling Ring, built for simultaneous culinary creations.

The Twin Cast Iron Boiling Ring’s dual burners empower you to prepare a variety of dishes simultaneously, catering to the diverse culinary needs of your outdoor gatherings. Whether you’re grilling succulent burgers, or simmering savoury sauces the independent burners ensure that each dish receives the attention it deserves.

The robust cast iron construction and corrosion-resistant burners ensure the Twin Cast Iron Boiling Ring withstands the rigors of outdoor cooking. Its sturdy construction ensures stability even on uneven surfaces, while the heat-resistant cast iron retains heat exceptionally well, providing consistent and even cooking temperatures.

The appliance comes with a free 13kg gas cylinder.

  • Frame Dimensions: Length 510mm x Width 240mm x Height 90mm
  • Burner Diameter: 89mm
  • Vessel Capacities: Diameter – 300 mm (max); Height – 180 mm (max)
  • Liquid – 8 kgs (max)
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